July 10, 2017

3 Ways to Burn 100 Calories in 30 Minutes or Less


Burning calories in a fun and easy way through flexibility and daily activities!
There’s nothing worse than genuinely wanting to get to the gym but feeling like your schedule is just too packed (or getting derailed by more entertaining pursuits — no judgment). The good news is, racking up a three-digit calorie burn is totally doable with just 30 minutes of effort. While the activities in following list might not take the place of your regular workout, squeezing a little sweat into your day is better than nothing. Many of these moves are easy to make happen on the go or while you’re enjoying the fresh spring weather.

OK, maybe you don’t have time to make it to your usual yoga class — no problem. Taking a Vinyasa flow on your own for just 10 minutes torches about 100 calories (and gives you a little midday peace of mind or post-work wind down). At home or in your office, practice a steady flow, moving through chaturanga to engage your arms and core, then to upward dog to activate your shoulders and quads, and downward dog for a full-body burn.

If your household to-do list is keeping you from more conventional calorie-burning activities in the gym, there’s good news: You can still burn calories while doing your chores. Scrubbing your floors or vacuuming the house for 30 minutes will burn just over 100 calories.

Rather than catching up with coworkers over your standard drinks, make it active by hitting up the pool table, dartboard or bowling alley. Each of these activities engages muscles all over your body — for instance, hurling that 12-pound bowling ball fires up your arms and upper back while also engaging your quads and core.
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Source: MyFitnessPal


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