Tightness of the hamstrings

The Hamstring | Tightness and Strains

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The Hamstrings: How to Fix Tightness and Strain Have you ever felt a pain, tightness, or discomfort in the back of your upper leg(s)? Chances are you are experiencing or have experienced a hamstring strain or hamstring tightness. This type of injury is very common among may sports, but the

Stretching your hips is very crucial


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THE HIP FLEXORS WHAT ARE THE HIP FLEXORSArguably some the most overlooked, key muscles in our body are the muscles of the hip flexors. When you lift your knee towards your body you are activating the hip flexor muscles that include:the iliacus and psoas major muscles, also known as the

How Glycemic control is a key concept for diabetes

QuickRead MedCheck – Diabetes, Part 1: Glycemic Control

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QuickRead MedCheck – Diabetes, Part 1: Glycemic Control Contributor: James “Dr. J” Agtuca Diabetes means so many things to so many people — while a straightforward condition for some, it is the very definition of ‘complicated’ for others. Certainly of no help are the endless streams of information that either exaggerate

Pain of the shoulder

The Rotator Cuffs | Our Neglected Muscles That Deserve More

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Muscle Monday | The Rotator Cuffs ROTATOR CUFFAt some point in your life you have or will experience some sort of shoulder pain. This pain is could be a result of a sport, lifting weights, rock climbing, swimming, or any daily physical activity. With shoulder pain being so common, it

san antonio wellness program

Peerfit Wellness Classes

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Peerfit Classes @ Nu-U Fitness Nu-U Fitness is expanding personal training in San Antonio by partnering with Wellness Program Offerings such as Peerfit! If your employers wellness program in San Antonio allows for purchase of credits or monthly credit allowance through Peerfit, we accept them! Check out our group fitness class page

Online Personal Training in San Antonio

Best Online Personal Training In San Antonio | Update

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Online Personal Training Update Join the best Online Personal Training in San Antonio right here at Nu-U Fitness! Nu-U Fitness has been partnered with Trainerize for quite some time now.As we have grown and improved, so have their features. Trainerize allows us to create wonderful and comprehensive homework and the best online