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The owner of Nu-U Fitness understands that fitness, health, and wellness is not just about the physical and the nutrition, she also believes that our inner self awareness, self love, and our energy is just as important.  

She asked her good friend Mandelyn Reese to write a blog on the benefits of meditation. 

Greetings Meagan with NU-U Fitness!

Thanks so much for asking me about meditation. I admire all you’ve accomplished in fitness!

On the topic of meditation:

I personally love meditation, because it helps me go deeper within myself. My mind goes to a more peaceful place, and I can feel my entire body relax into an unparalleled ease. It’s like that peaceful feeling you have just as you’re waking up from a great sleep, without an alarm clock.  Having done countless meditations, of a wide variety, I can say I credit meditation to furthering my spiritual enlightenment, and giving me more clarity on navigating my life. Meditation helps to “raise my vibe” and feel more balanced on a day-to-day basis. I really think it’s helped me to manage my emotions better than before. The best thing though, is feeling a connection to a higher power, what may be called “Divine” energy realms. You just get a sense that “everything is going to be okay” when you reach epic calms during meditation practices.

Meditation helps everyone of all ages to feel more at peace, gain more clarity, and improve health. Health-wise, meditation really helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Stress and anxiety affect every cell in the body, and can cause tension and inflammation. These things, when experienced chronically over a long period of time, can lead to very serious health problems of all kinds. Many people turn to unhealthy things to try to cope with their stress, anxiety, and traumas, such as pills, drugs, alcohol, and junk food. I believe that if more people took meditation seriously and turned more to meditation as a way to calm down from the stresses of life, that they would immediately feel the positive effects in their bodies.

There are a few ways that I personally prefer to meditate. First one is just when I’m at home alone. Sometimes I will just feel a strong prompting or urge to sit down and meditate. I put in ear plugs, and sometimes will wear an eyemask, just so that I can focus more on the quietness that meditation can bring, without all the distractions and noises from outside of my apartment. I will set a timer for however long I feel like meditating, and keep a journal with a good pen right next to me, for if I “download” any profound messages, goals, or guidance during my meditation.

Another way I love to meditate, is grabbing all of my crystals and rocks, and laying them all over my body along my Chakras from Crown Chakra to Root Chakra, and meditating for awhile. This is one of the most healing and powerful ways to meditate, because the crystals carry their own unique vibrations and healing qualities that go into your body on an energetic cellular level, and help to heal and remove energy blockages. YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING afterwards!!! You will feel the difference, and you’ll never look at crystals and rocks the same way again! You’ll have a new respect for what is called “crystal therapy”, because it works!

Another great way to meditate, is looking up free meditations on YouTube, and doing them! Yep, completely free! There are all kinds to choose from, and all different lengths of time. I remember some I’ve chosen in the past were “Meditation for healing a broken heart”, “Meditation for opening heart chakra”, “Meditation for healing inner child”, and things like that. I recommend figuring out what areas of your body, mind, and soul need healing, and then choose a meditation that may help you in that area. Could be healing from anger, reducing stress, mending a relationship, or reducing pain! Have fun searching on YouTube! Go with ones that resonate with you.

Lastly, one of my all-time favorite ways to meditate, is going to a Sound Bath. Now, these aren’t as common in San Antonio, TX, but they are growing in popularity in Los Angeles rampantly. Sound Baths are when a group of people, or possibly even 1 person, uses a variety of healing sound tools, to create a beautiful vibration for a group of meditators. The sound tools go into the body and ears, and heal the body on an energetic and cellular level via sound waves. Gongs are particularly powerful, as they have a strong sound and can penetrate very deeply to break-up old pain and buried emotions in the body, that you may not have even realized you still had. Many people cry because sound waves help to gently bring up emotions for healing. Afterwards, the feeling is amazing. You’ll feel like a whole new person, in my opinion. The energy healing and emotional release from sound baths opens up new space in the body that you can feel; it’s like a “clearing” out of old baggage. I highly recommend everyone try each one of these meditation methods, just to see what I mean!


~Mandelyn Reese

P.S. I have created a deeply healing epic meditation CD with sound therapy tools included. It’s $25 which includes shipping. It goes through each Chakra energy center to heal old wounds, and can help clear out 10 years worth of old emotional baggage in one meditation! Send $25 to PayPal email using the “Send money to friends and family option” to avoid fees being charged, and just include your mailing address!


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