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Over the course of my training experience, I have used many different methods for different desired goals, such as 5-3-1 programs for strength, supersets, compounds sets, circuit training, drop sets, and etc. One of my main goals that Ive always wanted to enhance was hypertrophy. I’ve always wanted to look big and lean with my veins popping out. Using this method of training has helped me get very close to where I want to be, and they’re referred to as giant sets. The reps are moderate to high, the weight/intensity is low to medium and the rest is sort. Lets look into why I believe they’re a great method to gaining lean size. 

Giants sets incorporate 3-5 different exercise typically, moderate load of weight, and short rest. All of the above listed are the text book methods for musical hypertrophy. Rather than just performing two exercises which would be classified as a superset or compound set, the giant uses more. The more exercise perfumed in a row creates more metabolic demand, which is why I believe there is a fat burning comment to giant sets. Performing multiple movements that incorporate the shoulders drives an insane amount of blood flow another good component for muscle growth, and a great way to achieve the pump. The quick transition between the exercises creates a high metallic demand, which will support growth and fat burn. Below I will list a couple of giants sets I’ve used to help support growth to specific muscle groups.

Shoulder Boulders giant set

Seated military dumbbell shoulder press x8-10

Dumbbell upright rows x10

Dumbbell front raises x10-12

Lateral raises x10-12

Push ups with hands on dumbbell grip x8

Complete each exercise down the order with only 10-15 seconds between each exercise, rest

1:30-1:45 between each set. Complete 3-4 sets


Cable chest press x 10

Cable chest flys x12

Med ball crossover push ups x 6-8 on each side

Rest 90 seconds between each round complete 3-4 rounds

Lower body

Goblet squats x10

Kettlebell RDL x12

Reverse lunges x 8 each

Rest 90 seconds beween each round

Lower body banded

Banded squats x10

Banded hip thrust x15

Lateral walks x12 each way

Banded standing kickbacks x10 each


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