Are You Suffering from Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome?

If you have been suffering from a persisting knee pain, chances are that you might be dealing with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome or PFPS. This persistent knee pain is typically associated with an anterior knee pain, or pain that is around the front of the knee. At some point, we all have, or all will experience this type of pain. In 2016, this type of knee pain was said to make-up about 25% of the knee-related injuries in any given year, and it is more commonly known as runner’s knee. Therefore, the easiest conclusion is to believe that this knee-related pain is only a result of running. However, there are many ways in which you might find this pain persisting. In fact, a lot of us might find this pain to flare up when we are doing certain exercises such as lunges and squats. So, how can we combat PFPS?


Well, before we dive into the ways to fight off this pain, we must first properly define this syndrome. PFPS is characterized by having a dull, aching pain at the front of our knee. Typically, this pain has a gradual onset and it is related to the activities that we are engaged with. Activities such as jumping, squatting, sitting in a car, and you might even feel this pain when you are walking up the stairs or standing up for a long period of time. The causes of this syndrome can range from exercise-induced to footwear. Basically, if you are not taking to proper precautions, such as wearing the appropriate footwear for any given activity or if you are not working out properly you are more susceptible to this knee-related pain.


So, how can you find relief for PFPS? You can try a number of different methods like cold therapy – applying cold temperature to the point of pain and find relief. You can use pain relievers to help with the immediate pain. There is also the option to use kinesiology tape to help reduce the pain. However, commonly, you might find that you and others are suffering from PFPS due to a muscular imbalance. Maybe your knees are moving too far over your toes, which results in a ton of anterior knee pressure. This will lead to more pain and you will continue to suffer from PFPS or give up on those exercise that bring on pain. It is important to engage the muscle properly for squatting and for lunging. If you are running and feel pain, you might want to look into the shoes that you are using.


The following are several exercises that you might want to try to help combat this pain:


  • Mini-Squats
  • Hip Flexion
  • Hip Extension
  • Hip Adduction


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