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Personal Training Business School’s are few and far between. 

As personal trainers in San Antonio we typically begin our journey early in life with the love of movement; the way it makes us feel, look, sleep, and the camaraderie that comes with it.  As children our exercise is play, we have fun running, jumping, climbing, throwing, and kicking.  As we grow up we may find our way to physical fitness through sports, working out in the gym, exercise classes, outdoor activities such as hiking, martial arts, or yoga.  Some of us grow up and become personal trainers because to us, fitness is life and life is fitness. 

We either decide to go to a college or university to study exercise physiology, sports medicine, athletic training, kinesiology, sports management, and even better if the university has a personal training degree! The alternative is to skip all that college stuff and go straight for a sports conditioning specialist certification or good ol’ personal training certification through one of many reputable certification associations like ACE, NASM, and ACSM.

The certification and degree process typically goes as follows in your training book:

Part 1: Introduction to the field and profession of personal training

Which is typically about 20 pages.

Part 2: The science of personal training

Which is typically about 118 pages.

Part3: Behavioral modification

Which is typically about 43 pages.

Part 4: Initial client screening

Which is typically about pages.

Part 5: Developing the exercise program

Which is typically about 45 pages.

Part 6: The business of personal training

Which is typically a whopping FIFTEEN PAGES!

Let us sit here for a minute and discuss Part 6; fifteen pages, really?  Yep!  It is usually a short chapter on how to sell, market, price, and maintain professional standards that will protect your reputation.

All of these topics are undeniably important but you aren’t taught how to really set up your business model and all of the nuances or really provide the client with a positive experience from the initial client interaction through the financial discussion and beyond. 

Our personal training business class will help you customize and have a solution-based process which facilitates positive engagement through every step of the client’s fitness journey.

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