Nu-U Fitness has designed a new program that helps those that don’t have the funds for personal training or those that prefer to keep a little cash in their pockets!

There are 3 different levels of personal training packages that you could be eligible for.  Once you express your interest in the program a Nu-U Crew member will send you the application that accesses your level of social media activity and a few other things.

The three levels of the program include the following:

Basic –

  • 2, 45 minute training sessions each week
  • Bi-weekly nutrition guidance
  • 2 at home work outs provided each week

Premium –

  • 2, 60 minute training session per week
  • Weekly nutrition guidance
  • 3 at home work outs provided each week
  • Access to Group Classes

Premier –

  • 3, 60 minute training sessions per week
  • Weekly nutrition guidance
  • 4 at home work outs provided each week
    • Access to the Nu-U Fitness Trainerize App
  • Access to Group Classes
  • 2 Grocery Shopping Buddy Trip

The more social media activity the better your level will be!

Nu-U opens the application process every 4 weeks for 10 new people to participate!

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Languages Spoken

We speak Spanish, Hindi, and Punjabi, as well as English

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