Meagan Bailey

CVO, Program Manager, Master Personal Trainer

Meagan holds a Bachelor’s in Business Studies and Sports Management with a minor in Kinesiology. While still completing her studies, she was instrumental in creating and implementing programs such as the Fit Gram Progressive Program for the San Antonio Sports Foundation and Harlendale School District which target issues of childhood obesity. Meagan became an active member for the Youth Obesity Prevention Partners Council and a San Antonio Diabetes Committee member.

Meagan strongly believes that through faith, hard work, and a little science, anyone can achieve their ideal body. From this philosophy Nu-U Fitness was born. Her goal is to inspire and teach people how to set goals, achieve them, and maintain them. Meagan lives this philosophy and continues to be both example and supporter for her clients. “When you have someone who takes the time to understand your predicament and helps you re-teach yourself proper nutrition and exercise,” she says, “it makes a world of difference.”

San Antonio Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer San Antonio

Kelly Chivvis

Business, Project Manager, Admin Support

Kelly completed her Bachelors degree in Kinesiology, with a concentration of Exercise Leadership and minored in Coaching at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. A lifelong athlete and 7 high school Varsity letter achiever, it was an easy choice for her future and passion. While in college, Kelly played for 2 years on the school’s Club Water-polo team, coached basketball and softball at area public schools, coached a ten year old travel basketball team, ran a private softball pitching coach business, refereed high school basketball, and worked full time to support her degree.

Choosing to stay in the rural mountainous collegiate area post college with limited jobs in the field she loved, Kelly took on a successful sales career, winning multiple company awards for achievement as an outside sales representative. As with coaching, Kelly applied much of what she learned in school to solving problems for customers, devising game plans, and scouting the competition.

Kelly is no stranger to the everyday battles women with fertility rendering diseases face. Diagnosed as a teen with PCOS, battling pre-cervical cancer cells in her mid twenties for several years, diagnosed with long term unfound Endometriosis in her upper twenties, as well as Celiac Disease soon after, empowering women with such detrimental diseases has become a passion for Kelly. After years of poor health, daily emotional and physical turmoil, and plain frustration with medicines not being the cut and dry answer, Kelly took matters into her own hands beginning in early summer 2013 putting her heart and soul into nutrition and becoming an elite athlete. In the best shape of her life and completing large scale running competitions, Kelly was able to conceive in late summer 2014! She continued to run multiple marathons, half marathons, and smaller races through pregnancy and delivered a beautiful healthy boy late April 2015. She attributes her son’s health to her hard work and commitment to herself and family before pregnancy, as well as during pregnancy, and plans to honor this commitment indefinitely.

Melanie Hagner

Master Trainer and Branch Manager

Melanie is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with 10 year of experience in many areas of fitness. Though, her specialties and what she enjoys the most are in pre and post natal fitness, weight loss, long distance running, Power lifting, strong man, and bodybuilding contest preparation.

She is a mother of three small children and she strongly believes that where there is a will there is a way, and that setting a healthy example for her children is more important than any excuses. She began her fitness journey after her first child was born by taking and ultimately teaching fitness classes. Her love of lifting and desire to teach others was fueled shortly after, to continue learning how to better herself and her clients. In late 2014 she decided to take on a new fitness venture with bodybuilding. That season she was named “NPC coach of the month” by the National Physique Committee.

She believes that jer approach to fitness as a trainer is very different from most. She believes in achieving health first, by way of nutrition and lifestyle change. She has a particular interest in the study of bio genetics, fetal development and early childhood nutrition and how what we eat effects our future generations. She has a background in mental health and she enjoys studying the psychology of fitness and nutrition which she believes helps her assist with every aspect of her clients well being and life style changes.

Her goal is to empower others to learn how to balance life with their fitness goals. To aim high, and achieve greatness wherever it is desired. Maybe it's taking back your overall health, losing the last few pounds, finishing a marathon, or stepping on a competition stage, or just learning how to get a better night’s sleep, No matter the goal, no matter the obstacles you may face, through specialized exercise and nutrition programming as well as motivation and attention to detail she will get you there.

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Nick Brandt

Head Trainer Personal Trainer

Nick’s passion for fitness started with high school sports, and the sport specific training he utilized throughout high school. After sports ended for him, he turned to the weight room to still find my drive for leading an active lifestyle. He learned from his dad, who has been doing strength and conditioning and personal training for 30 years. He followed his dads steps by graduating from UTSA with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology with a focus on exercise science.

He obtained my CPT through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He has transformed his own physique and improved overall strength throughout his fitness career. He loves using the tools his father and school has taught him with his clients and anyone looking to improve any aspect of their personal health. His style of training he uses a mixture of traditional bodybuilding exercises, functional training, speed and agility training, and strength training.

Brittany Gandin

Certified Personal Trainer

Brittany holds a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a minor in English from Texas A&M University (WHOOP)! She is currently obtaining her prerequisites to get into a Doctor of Physical Therapy program and has completed over 60 hours of shadowing in Acute Care, Outpatient, Polytrauma, Geriatrics, and Spinal Therapy.

Brittany has spent the last 15 years with SeaWorld both in the Education Department and Animal Training. For the last ten years she held the position as the Manager of Education for the SeaWorld Camp in San Antonio where she managed the resident camp, day camp, and sleepover programs for more than 5,000 campers each year. Camp taught her that she loved working with people and the importance of getting out into nature.

In 2012 Brittany sustained an injury while training for a half marathon and after completing physical therapy she began training with Meagan at Nu-U Fitness. Initially she signed up for three months, but quickly fell in love with the experience. That experience training, along with her physical therapy, made her realize her passion for helping others achieve their goals and her desire to become certified as a personal trainer. Brittany recently began shadowing at Nu-U Fitness and in the next few months she plans on becoming certified as a Personal Trainer through ACE.

Brittany truly believes that healthy eating can be fun and exciting if you find the right recipes and spends many hours searching for recipes to try online! She recently got married in June of 2016 so when Brittany is not working she enjoys spending time with her husband, training animals, cycling, running, cooking, and working out.

Navi Kaur

Head Personal Trainer

Navi is an ACE certified personal trainer and a Zumba instructor. She is very passionate about enabling others to achieve their fitness goals. Her goal is to empower them to become healthy and make it a lifestyle change.

She believes that exercise is essential but doing it right is indispensable. One of her key objectives is to show the clients how to incorporate simple workouts in their busy schedule. She is also a cycling enthusiast and you have probably seen her riding across San Antonio on one of her 40 mile bike rides.

Kimbra Johnson

Personal Trainer Intern

Kimbra is a NASM Certified Personal Fitness Exercise Trainer, with an Associate's Degree in Advanced Health and Fitness Training.

She has always been involved in some form of healthy activity and nutrition.  She was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at a young age and created her nutrition and exercise program to suit those needs.

A few years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had treatment to fight it.  She won that battle and is now helping survivors get back into the best shape and the best health after treatment.  Her goal is to continue her personal fitness journey, share her story, and change lives through fitness and nutrition.

San Antonio Personal Training Internship
Fitness Digital Marketing

Lindsey Whitaker

Digital Marketing Intern

Lindsey is originally from a small town in Ohio. She moved to San Antonio to study Business Marketing and is currently in her senior year at UTSA. She has had a passion for fitness ever since she acquired a sports related injury and used medical exercise to heal.

She is pursuing a career in Digital Marketing because she enjoys how it combines business strategy with creativity and allows ideas to be tested more easily than tradition marketing not to mention that it is the future of marketing and is a rapidly growing force.

In her free time she enjoys traveling and going on hikes.