Nu-U PREP is a 60-day collaborative exercise and wellness program to incorporate the recommendations of a physician and the expertise of a Nu-U Fitness Medical Fitness Specialist. This 60-day program is exclusive to physician referred patients and is for anyone seeking general health changes to unique medical needs. This program is designed for in studio training, however in home and online options are available, upon request. All participants of  Nu-U PREP will receive a one-on-one consultation and fitness assessment prior to start. A 30-day checkpoint evaluation and 60-day final evaluation will be completed and shared with both the patient and the referring physician. 

Nu-U PREP has multiple specialities to consider, which include but are not 
limited to:

| General health
| Infertility  (male & female factor) 
| Postnatal
| Senior 
| Bariatric & Obesity
| Alzheimer’s & Dementia
| Parkinson’s 
| Chronic & Auto-Immune 
| Diabetes/Pre-Diabetes
| Heart Health
| Chronic Pain & Inflammation
| Cancer
| Arthritis & Orthopedic 
| Chiropractic 


Plan A*

| Two 1-on-1 training sessions per week with a Medical Fitness Specialist

| Nutrition education 


| Unlimited small group exercise classes

Plan B*

| Three 1-on-1 training sessions per week with a Medical Fitness Specialist

| Nutrition education 

60 days 


* New Clients only

*1-on-1 training sessions do not roll over
*unlimited small group classes are subject to the current class schedule of 
Nu-U Fitness
*with special request by physician for more aggressive needs, all Nu-U PREP referrals are eligible for 10% off any other packages above the offered 60-day program by 
Nu-U Fitness. 


To begin Nu-U PREP, please take the Nu-U PREP Referral Form to your physician for completion, and either email the completed form to or bring the form with you to your initial consultation. We also can email the form directly to your physician. To request your initial consultation for  Nu-U PREP, please call us at (201) 901-8FIT or email 

Eligible participants of Nu-U PREP may enroll in the program no more than twice in a 12-month period.