Strength Training To Burn Fat

Burning fat is a goal everyone has, even if their main priority is to bulk for muscle mass. What good is it to gain size, if you can’t show off those lean muscles? If the main goal is fat loss, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to keep or build your muscle mass while you shed the fat?People bulking would rather not perform cardio, and those looking to maximize weight loss, perform too much cardio without any resistance training. The reasoning could be hate for cardio, or not proper education on how to use resistance training to burn fat. There is a way to maximize fat burning while using resistance training, to keep the muscle gains or to push your fat burning abilities to the max. This method will explain how EPOC works in the body, Excess post-exercise Oxygen Consumption(EPOC). Let’s take a look into how EPOC will burn fat for you.

High intensity weight training performed with higher reps with small recovery time between sets takes a toll on the body and requires oxygen to perform this type of exercise.

During intense bout of exercise such as interval training with weights for high reps, the body uses ATP which is ready for use by the body to use for energy. Once the exercise session is finished, the body now has to use oxygen to replace what was taken (ATP) to replenish. Over the next couple, your body will work hard to replenish the oxygen used for that previous workout. Since your body is working at restoring the oxygen, your metabolic rate increases burning extra calories each day until the oxygen is replaced.

Mix it up with some station work using weights to burn calories throughout and after the exercise. Below is sample program I’ll use after strength portion with my clients.

Station 30-45 seconds on with 20 seconds off for recovery before performing the next exercise.

Alternating Single arm kettlebell deadlifts


DB Bench press


DB lunges


Alternating kettlebell swings

Farmers Carry Heavy with Hex bar

By Head Trainer Nick Brandt


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