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Stretching your hips is very crucial


THE HIP FLEXORS WHAT ARE THE HIP FLEXORS Arguably some the most overlooked, key muscles in our body are the muscles of the hip flexors. When you lift your knee towards your body you are activating the hip flexor muscles that include: the iliacus and psoas major muscles, also known …


Unilateral Training

  Unilateral Training Individuals new to the gym might show strength imbalances between their opposing limbs, which is referred to as a bilateral asymmetries. Asymmetries are the imbalance between the limbs, and bilateral movements are performed by both sides of the body such as a barbell curls or the bench press. Individuals with …

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Training using weight complexes

Weight Complexes

  Weight Complexes Weight lifting is my favorite mode of exercise. Moving moderate to heavy loads that enhance my muscle pump is by far one of the best feelings ever. Lifting heavy tends to take a toll on my body sometimes, because of my lifestyle of a personal training constantly …

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