The Benefits of Water

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The body requires nutrients in order to properly function and allows us to adapt, recover from a workout, and provides energy. Macronutrients are usually broken down by fats, carbohydrates, and fats. Is there something missing from that list? Depending on who you ask, could get a yes or no. The answer could be water. Water is the most under consumed nutrient by human, and it is essential for the regulation of the body. This topic will discuss why H2O is one of the most crucial macronutrients and how water helps the body function everyday.

The body is mostly made of water, so wouldn’t it make sense that it could be the most important? Every day humans lose it through sweat, digesting, and breathing so we as humans need to replenish what we have lost. Why replenish? There are many reasons, first off body temperature. Having adequate water intake helps the body regulate normal body temperature. Prevents you from dehydration, and helps with digestion. It helps with brain function, because high amounts help provide oxygen for the brain to work at a high level. Usually caffeine isn’t always the answer. Try putting down a big glass of water to help clear the head and feel awake if you are feeling fatigued.  

When it comes to weight loss, water can play a huge roll. Regular consumption can help increase your metabolic rate, which is the rate of how your body burns fat. Sometimes humans feel hungry and the urge to eat, but really it could mean something else. It could just be the fact that you’re dehydrated and need some water. Next time instead of reaching for the potato chips, reach for the bottle of water. Drinking water can suppress the appetite, if you are trying to be in calorie deficit, water can help. In general humans tend to overeat because they feel hungry, but it could just be thy are dehydrated and just need to down some fluids.

Water will be essential to recovery. Water can excrete waste through the urine, and help transport nutrients through the body. Water is also critical to cell life, so stay hydrated. High intake of water will help the muscles feel full, and help with the nitrogen retention which is crucial for muscle building. Staying hydrated lubricates the joints, which will help reduce stiffness and prevent pain and injury. Since water carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells, it makes it critical to be very well hydrated for exercise; in order to perform the exercise and build/recover from the workout.

Water is a macronutrient, and people need to know that is so they can understand the importance of staying hydrated with clear fluids. From exercising, to ridding the body of metabolites, and keeping you away from mental fatigue; water is a key to a healthy life.

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