Does Your Workout Regime Include Superset Exercises?

Exercise over the past years has proven to yield many great health benefits to the body. We could all enhance the quality of our life, look better, and feel better if we decided to get our weekly exercise in. We now live in a world where you can find some type of free workout anywhere, whether it be social media or magazines. It only takes minutes to find some type of body blast exercises program. Best bet is that you will stumble upon workouts that include supersets. What is a superset? How does one perform a superset, and what exercises can be used in supersets? Lets take a look into what exactly it is, how to implement superseding and why it could hep you.

What Are Supersets? 

Superset is performing back to back exercises with in a little to zero rest. Usually it could a push/pull, agonist/antagonist muscle pairing, or even same muscle. Example of a push/pull and agonist/antagonist would be a superset of dumbbell curls and tricep rope extensions. First you start off with a pulling exercises using the biceps to perform curls, in this exercises the biceps is the agonist muscle where as the tricep is the antagonist muscle for the curls. You perform 8-12 reps on the curls, and immediately after finishing the curls, you would then begin to perform the tricep rope extensions for 8-12 reps to complete the superset. In the tricep extension exercise, the triceps muscle is now your pushing agonist muscle and the biceps is the antagonist muscle.

Why Should You Include Supersets In Your Workouts? 

Now why would we superset? First off, its time effective! People always complain about never having time to workout. Why not do more in your workout, if time is less, supersets allow for a greater total volume in the workout without taking up much time of all. Second, the blood flow. Performing supersets creates more blood to the area being exercised which should lead to the pump. Blood flow is great for increasing size in your training as well as pumping nutrients to the working muscles. Another factor I like to bring up about supersets is the cardiovascular effect. Performing supersets means you will be moving typically lighter weight for a longer period of time which would create a anaerobic affect which would help increase your cardiovascular health, and could be beneficial for fat loss.

Example of Supersets 

Now you don’t have to limit yourself to arm supersets. Listed below are some supersets I perform myself.

  • Chest and back example– DB Bench x8-10 reps superset with Single arm DB rows for 8-10 each side.
  • Chest/Chest example– Incline DB bench -8 reps, superset with Incline bench flys x10-12
  • Legs superset– Barbell squats x8 superset with bodyweight alternating lunges x 8 each leg
  • Upper/Lower superset– DB goblet squats x 10 superset with DB bent over row x 10 reps


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