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Eggs have been part of the main course in breakfast for years, but maybe you have been wondering what to choose between whole eggs and egg whites. It seems that there has alway been this conception that egg whites are the healthier choice compared to the whole egg which includes the golden yellow yolk. Stating that the cholesterol in the yolk is bad for your heart, and that its too much fat. Although the yolk contains fat and the egg white is technically leaner, there are many benefits to the yolk of eggs. Let us take a look into what the yolk contains, and if there are any benefits to this golden yellow part of the egg. 

It has been inferred that eating too much whole eggs will increase your chances of a heart disease because of the high amount of cholesterol found in egg yolks. Although there is no correlation between the cholesterol in yolk and heart disease. There are actually numerous vitamins and minerals found in the yolk that help increase cardiovascular health. Egg yolks contain a higher amount of the minerals compared to egg whites, and a lot of these minerals help carry out actions such as electrolyte balance. On top of the vitamins and mineral benefits, yolks contain antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin which help rid the body of free radicals. Getting rid of free radicals is great for recovery and keeping the immune system strong. Another fascinating ingredient about the yolk, is its high level of leucine found inside. Leucine is one of the most important branched chain amino acids(BCAA). Leucine is great for post workout recovery. There is a lot of protein found in just the egg white too, but the quality of the yolk is higher, and the fat from yolk is a great source of omega fatty acids. Omega fat acids are essential to cardiovascular health and brain health.

 If you’re looking to cut body fat and add muscle mass, you could try eating 2-3 egg whites and 2 whole eggs. This will allow to maximize your protein intake while maintaining lower saturated fat, but still get the muscle building benefits of the yolk. There are too many benefits of eating egg yolks, to skip out on and eat only egg whites. Keep the yolk in, and reeve the numerous health benefits.


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